The path to a fulfilling career often starts with a simple question,”What do I want to be when I grow up?”

Communities are asking another question, “How do we attract high quality people to our area to live and work?”

At Broadstrokes, Inc. we have developed a new SMS text messaging app called WORKFORCE that can help answer these questions.

Marissa Shorenstein, New York president for AT&T, said this about WORKFORCE, “We are proud to be able to recognize WORKFORCE with these partners because it is truly an innovative app and has the potential to make a significant change in workforce and economic development in the region.”

High school students often get their first work experience in entry level jobs which teach them responsibility, time management and cash flow. These jobs often fall short on inspiring a person to get more education or understand their true passion, talents and gifts.

To learn about your passion, there is no better teacher than experience.

That’s why WORKFORCE matches local job and career seekers with employers for a day of shadowing where they can really experience a variety career options and see what is the best fit for them.

WORKFORCE is a simple SMS text messaging survey app. It collects information from job seekers and career decision makers through a short text messaging survey. Similarly, another survey collects relevant information from businesses. Lastly both parties receive a notification when their interests match.

Currently workforce development in local communities is mostly left to chance. The process often leads to a person investing many years and thousands of dollars into a career that doesn’t suit them. When you add to that the lost income tax revenue and other losses when young people move out of a community because the jobs they want do not exist in their hometown, it all adds up to a multi-million dollar problem that we feel can be solved.

Imagine if you could have shadowed ten different professionals in careers that you where considering before you went to college? How would that have changed your college choice, your major, and your perspective on what living and working locally is like?

A person will have up to seven estimated career changes in their lifetime. Approximately two-thirds of college graduates will end up working in a different career than what they majored in; of those graduates 80% will change their major at least once. When all this is taken into account it is easy to see that there are a lot of decisions taking place from the time we graduate high school to the time we settle into a satisfying career.

Imagine a society where we better expose and educate our youth to those early life career decisions by making them aware of what their community has to offer.

Since, SMS text messaging is the most popular communication method, it is a clear and easy choice for helping solve the community’s workforce development problem.

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about WORKFORCE.

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