Get to know and profit from the Twexxt smart SMS text messaging suite of tools.
This is a complete customer relationship management toolbox from lead nurturing to reviews to repeat business development.

  • Lead nurturing survey (Pre-sales)

Converting people that see your print, web or social media advertisements into customers is the purpose of our “lead nurturing survey.” Customers text a specific keyword to your unique phone number and enter a 5-7 question survey that identifies their needs, pre-qualifies them and asks them to commit to contacting your sales person by phone.

  • Instant connect – Web to SMS Live Chat tool (Pre-sales)

Converting website visitors into leads is the primary purpose of Instant Connect. With Instant Connect customers can Live Chat with your sales team representatives via text messaging. This gives you the ability take advantage of the portability of SMS and the customer’s desire to get answers about your products and services from a live human very quickly.

  • Customer Connect – Broadcast SMS tool (Pre & Post sales)

Now that you have all of these cell phone numbers, what will you do with them? Customer Connect is a top of mind awareness tool to keep your customers coming back. Like Constant Contact is for email, Customer Connect serves the same purpose via SMS text messaging. You can notify customers of sales and specials, send customized notifications, tell them about events of interest, and even put them into groups by their interests – food, cars, hotels.

  • Coupons, Promotions, and Referrals (built into Customer connect) (Pre & Post sales)

Introduces a process to issue and redeem coupons. Also encourages customers to send coupons to their friends and gives them a coupon when their friend becomes a customer.

  • Ratings, Reviews (built into Customer connect) (Operations)

Ask customers to rate their overall experience with your service or product. All “Excellent” responses get one of four social media review sites to choose from. The social media networks are customized to your industry, for example:,,,, Facebook, Twitter, and others. Desirable objectives are to make it simple, minimize clicks/data entry, auto form complete, and write-once to many.

  • Appointment reminders and scheduling (Operations)

Automate your appointment process. Remind customers when and where their appointment is and allow them to make changes and/or cancellations.

  • Customer Demographics Survey (built into Customer connect) Operations)

Learn details about your customers: how did they hear about your business, how far they have traveled, how often they buy from your business, how large a group they were with?

  • Customer Satisfaction Survey (During & Operations)

Get feedback on business operations and performance of the staff: examples: service, parking, atmosphere, comfort, wait time, what did you buy, at what price.

  • Data Analytics (Operations)

Monthly trends, what products and services are popular, leads to sales conversions, increase in revenue, and increase in quality of service.