HealthText for dietitians

HealthText for dietitians

Getting your patient’s diet diary just got a lot easier.

HealthText is a text message based service that helps dietitians and patients easily, collect, share and analyze the patient’s food diary.

How does HealthText work?

1. Dietitian creates an account at
2. Dietitian creates an account for the patient using Twexxt. Enter patient’s name and cell phone number.
3. Dietitian instructs patient to send a text message to 845-432-5483 with the word HealthText
4. The patient follows the prompts to enter their daily food consumption.
5. Patient receives an instant report of their food diary.
6. Dietitian logs into their Twexxt account to view and download the food diary charts and spreadsheets.
7. Dietitian consults with patient on ways to improve their health through better food choices.
8. Dietitian pays Twexxt $10/month per patient.


HealthText FAQs

Compare MyFitnessPal to HealthText

HealthText takes 50% less time than MyFitnessPal to enter your diet diary. Plus HealthText gives you all of the nutrition information for your whole meal in one easy to view chart.