autotextexamplesamsungAuto Text increases the efficiency of your current advertising campaigns by engaging the customer in a custom dialogue in their most preferred method of communication: SMS text messaging.

How Auto Text works

1. Customers sees your print or web advertisement

2. Customer sends a text message and receives a link to the specific car they are interested in.

3. Our smart survey technology qualifies them in 5 simple questions and collects their contact information.

Seeing is believing, try it for yourself right now.

Send a text message with the word 12chevyvolt to 609-316-8684

Do the math to see if Auto Text works for you.

If you are spending $3 per click on your web display ads and receiving 500 clicks and 50 leads. That’s $30/lead.

If 5 of those leads buy a car that’s a customer acquisition cost of $150.

With Auto Text you could increase your conversion rate by 50% and sell twice as many cars. You can also cut your customer acquisition costs significantly.

Auto Text Pricing

$5 per car per month

$.50 per lead

Fine print

Minimum of 100 cars and 3 months.

Pricing is based on the dealership providing inventory information in Microsoft Excel format.

We can also integrate with your inventory management system for a small additional fee.