Looking for a mobile or online instant survey tool?

If you are in a service business, hospitality, healthcare, insurance, or virtually any market sector you can now directly communicate with and easily engage your clients and prospects via text messaging on mobile devices or any browser enabled device. You can receive instant feedback and input from your customers, deliver updates or information they desire. With twexxt you can reward your customers with ecoupons and special offers.

Using Twexxt to create and publish surveys is as easy as circle-onecircle-twocircle-three

circle-one Create custom surveys or choose from an existing library of templates.

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circle-two Publish surveys and then have participants take polls from their mobile phones, browser or other devices.

have participants take polls with twexxt - the best online survey tool

circle-three View real-time poll results from a web browser or send results via email or as embedded HTML.

(click on image to view the Live Survey Report)

surveyresults from the best on line survey tool - twexxt


Key Features:

  • easy to use editor
  • permission based opt-in
  • live reporting
  • start/stop survey options
  • publish custom sms keywords
  • upload contacts
  • comparative charts
  • custom branching
  • message scheduling
  • text message & email alerts
  • downloadable data
  • response grammars
  • ecoupon options
  • privacy adherence
  • survey qr code